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Italy is … FASHION

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Italy is … HOLIDAYS

You love Italy, then why not to buy a villa here? Dasiyes can propose you not only to find your dream house, but also to design it, build it, fulfill it and, when everything is ready, manage it while you are away.

Italy is a leading Country in fashion design and Italians are known for their care in dressing-up. If you like Italian fashion too, Dasiyes can put at your disposal a Fashion Consultant or a Presonal Shopper, can introduce you the best Italian Tailors and Shoe Masters to have an entire personalized wardrobe and accessorie, can have a Designer to create the perfect jewel to suit your favourite dress.

Italian food and wines are appreciated all over the world. If you are fond of it too, Dasiyes will cater them wherever you are, find you an Italian private chef to cook them properly and an Italian sommelier to serve you the best selection of wines. Learn more...

Italy offers amazing events which you can attend: Opera, Theatre, Concerts, Fashion and Sport shows. Dasiyes can inform you and arrange tickets for you anytime. But that's not all, we can also organize your own event to entertain your clients or friends in Italy.

Where to go if not Italy for a beauty treatment? Dasiyes presents the best beauty centers and spa in Italy, where to get back in shape and feel strong again in body and soul. We can also recommend you the best professionals in the field of cosmetics and plastic surgery, to come back home looking gorgeous.

Загорать под нежным солнцем летом и кататься по заснеженным склонам зимой, путешествовать по городам весной и посещать прекрасные и исторические места: Эти все возможности даёт Италия во всей своей красе. Dasiyes организует эксклюзивные и персональные туры только для вас, вашей семьи и ваших друзей.

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